to all the winners and all the candidates

The David Stevens for Judge campaign was 26,362 voters strong! It was short of the win by less than one half of one point. As a first-time candidate, it is an honor to have received such tremendous support.

I started this campaign not knowing exactly what to expect. I relied upon my legal and trial experience, my involvement in the community, and my personal values. I campaigned the same way I run my law practice and try to lead my life, with hard work and integrity. Being kind, honest, and sincere was how I was raised. 

I believe it was because of these qualities that I earned the support of so many caring and like-minded people from all across DuPage County. I can never fully repay or adequately show my gratitude to my supporters, friends and family, who were all instrumental in this journey. I am coming away from this campaign with many new friends, a conviction to keep working for positive change and excitement about the future.

Moving forward, my focus remains on service to the community, promoting excellence in the legal profession, and most importantly, doing what I can to ensure that we have the best judges, both elected and appointed, serving DuPage County. 

I believe it is every person’s duty to use their voice for positive change. Always remember you can make a difference. Choose to make a difference. Your vote matters.